Metermaster create specialist textile measuring equipment for use with all fabric, cloth, plastic, worsteds and textiles in general.

The counters Metermaster create are available in left and right hand designs along with top coming and top going counting direction to give you the flexibility you need. Metermaster also offer a direct replacement to the Trumeter brand of counters so the machine they operate with requires no modification. You can tell these apart from their blue Trumeter casing.

If required Metermaster will manufacture the counter to suit the dimensions you need, just contact us.

Our counter range starts with our MM-I and moves through to the more advanced programmable MM-II and then onto our latest MM-III which, along with a PC and software, provides a full stock control system.

All counters come fully calibrated to the tolerance of 0.25%

- Left & Right Designs

- Top Coming & Going

- Trumeter Replacement

- Pre-set Capabilities

- Stock Control
MM-I MM-I in Blue - Right handed. A direct replacement for Trumeter
MM-II in standard size - Can be made to replace Trumeter, or in custom sizes
MM-I in standard grey - Left handed fitting and top coming counting direction
More Accurate | Time Saving | Eliminates Waste
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